Riding the Alpine Tapestry: A Biker’s Quest through Salzkammergut, Trentino, Grossglockner, and the Dolomites

Once upon the winding roads of the Alps, a fearless rider named Marie-Jana, a connoisseur of curves and vistas, mounted her trusty steed, a Hypermotard, and set out on an expedition to uncover the treasures of Salzkammergut, Trentino, Grossglockner, and the Dolomites. Join her as she shares the exhilarating chapters of this two-wheeled odyssey:

Salzkammergut: Symphony of Lakes and Mountain Passes

Greetings, fellow riders! For those unfamiliar with my adventures detailed in the CryptoMoto blog about the Canary Islands, I’m Marie-Jana, and I’m thrilled to have you join me on another escapade where CryptoMoto proves to be the quintessential road trip companion.

My mission on this journey? Following the sun. As I venture into the heart of the Alps, my quest involves seeking out the most serpentine roads and breathtaking panoramas. Weather playing a game of peek-a-boo, each day unfolds with spontaneous decisions to dodge rain showers and chart the most scenic routes.

Salzkammergut: The Lakeside Serenade

Tucking my Hypermotard into the camper, I kickstart the adventure in the enchanting Salzkammergut. The region, adorned with lakes like Traunsee and Attersee, beckons for a lakeside tour. Riding along the shorelines, especially at sunset, is a romantic escapade. Ascending the Roßberg via the Roßfeldstraße 999, a toll road with views that steal the breath away, becomes a highlight. Freshly baked waffles at the café on the highest parking lot, overlooking the Salzburg region, add a sweet touch to the journey. Despite mountains in abundance, the scarcity of passes prompts me to bid farewell and set my sights on new horizons.

Trentino: Vineyards and Serene Peaks

Next destination: Trentino, an enchanting realm near Trento, where vineyards paint the landscape with curves. Passo Mendola SS42 and SP85, with 40 hairpin bends and 18 km up to Monte Bodone, are a must-ride. Passo Rolle SS50 steals the show, guiding through graceful curves to a plateau nestled between mountains. Personal favorite? The ascent to Passo Manghen via the SP31, a delightfully narrow road with tight bends and blissful solitude.

Anticipating heavy showers, the weather forecast nudges me towards Grossglockner.

Grossglockner: A Priceless Alpine Gem

The journey to Grossglockner may come at a price, but the landscape’s unreal beauty makes every cent worthwhile. Road 107, Untertauern on the Carinthian side, and Seidlwinkl to Taxbacher Fusch on the Salzburg side, boasts 36 hairpin bends over 47.8 km. The ascent to Edelweißspitze at 2504 meters offers a 360-degree panoramic view. Despite the reduced speed limit and icy streams crossing the road, the breathtaking scenery steals the spotlight. Spending half a day on Grossglockner is a promise of unparalleled adventure, with a mandatory detour to Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe.

Dolomites: Where Dreams Meet the Road

The Dolomites, the crown jewel of this expedition, become the backdrop for the most stunning ride of my life. With a promising weather forecast, I hastily load up my bike and set forth to this magical wonderland. Choosing a route amidst countless curvy roads and passes becomes a delightful challenge.

First stop, Passo Sella SS242, a ride in itself, followed by the dreamy SS244 to Corvara and the enchanting SS243 to Sellajoch. The Sella Pass unveils a stretch leading to the majestic peaks of Sassolungo and Sassopiato, reminiscent of the famed Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

The pièce de résistance? Experiencing the sunset at Giau Pass SP638. As the low-hanging sun bathes the rugged panorama in a flattering light, I find myself lost in the moment. These are the motorcycle moments that leave me breathless, forgetting even to take a photo.

One thing is certain—I’ll return to relive these moments soon!

So, fellow riders, whether you’re an avid enthusiast or just yearning for a taste of the Alpine tapestry, saddle up, chase the sun, and let the road weave its magic through the heart of the Alps. The treasures await, and the adventure never ends!

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