Choosing the first motorcycle model

The popularity of a motorcycle as a means of transportation in Russia is only increasing. This is a small, maneuverable vehicle that requires less maintenance and is perfect for moving around city streets.

The popularity of bikes and the increased demand for them only increase the relevance of the issue of choosing the first motorcycle. In the article we will talk about the types of two-wheeled transport, as well as the parameters that need to be considered when choosing an “iron horse”.

Types of motorcycles

Two-wheeled vehicles have their own classification, by analogy with cars. There are models of bikes that are oriented for movement around the city, off-road, models for racing and motorsport, motorcycles for traveling.


On motorcycles of this type it is convenient to move around the city. They are not suitable for long-distance travel due to their low carrying capacity and insufficient ergonomics to ensure the comfort of the driver on the train on long routes.

Classic models have a lowered steering wheel, the driver sits upright. Bikes of this type are popular in Eastern countries, where they are bought specifically for daily commuting and business trips. The models are characterized by a simple design, unpretentious mechanisms, an excellent supply of resources and a hardy gearbox.

For classic bikes, manufacturers offer a large selection of motors. Motorcycles are equipped with two-, four-stroke power units with a different number of cylinders. The bike has a light weight, which allows the rider to cope with it on his own in case of a blockage on his side.


The second name of bikes is sports. They are designed for high-speed driving, which is fully consistent with their design. Due to the special location of the center of gravity, the driver easily controls the machine, which provides good maneuverability.

Racing bikes have a lightweight design – their parts are made of light alloys, strong but lightweight materials (carbon). The finished model has a streamlined shape, thoughtful aerodynamics allows you to cut through the air when moving at high speed. Fast movement is facilitated by a modified tilt of the steering wheel and a slightly raised seat. Due to this, the rider sits on the motorcycle with an inclination forward, which enhances aerodynamics.

Sportbikes require high quality roads. Due to the installation of a powerful engine, the cost of such models is also quite high.


If you plan to use your motorcycle for long distance travel and long distance travel, touring models are the best choice. These are premium bikes. Their distinguishing feature is smooth movement without pretensions to speed. In a day, you can comfortably drive a thousand kilometers in them.

The design and construction of tourers is focused on convenience and comfort. Seats of increased softness (sometimes with a back), a wide and high windshield to protect the driver from the wind. For the legs, protection is provided in the form of side fairings, covering not only from dirt, but also from side collisions.

The low center of gravity ensures the stability of the bike, the weight of which can exceed 500 kg. The heavy weight corresponds to the dimensions – for the movement of a heavy load, space is required on the road, it will be problematic to drive through a narrow lane on it.

Touring bikes are equipped with a low-speed engine, which makes long trips possible. For the price, such motorcycles are close to the cost of an average car, so their purchase should be considered.

Cross and enduro

Maneuverable, light and well controlled models for off-road driving. Cross bikes are popular among young people and motorcyclists, lovers of outdoor activities and adrenaline.

An analogue of a cross-country model designed for city driving is an enduro motorcycle.

Selection Options

Choosing a motorcycle to buy is easier than a car, but newcomers to this business are advised to consider some criteria. Giving in to the impulse and buying a fast and powerful sportbike as your first motorcycle is a bad idea, because you need to know how to handle a car of this class.

Before you go for the bike, you should decide on the parameters of the driver. Tall and massive men can consider classic models, for short riders, an enduro motorcycle will be the best option for the first bike.

The engine size of the motorcycle is one of the key selection criteria. It will be easier for beginners to start with the development of bikes with a low-powered internal combustion engine with a volume of up to 150 cm3. On such a motorcycle, you can reach speeds of up to 90 km / h, which is quite enough for a comfortable ride around the city and beyond.

Models equipped with an engine up to 400 cm3 are not easy to handle, experience and special driving skills are required here. If an even larger engine is installed on a motorcycle, it refers to cruisers, tourers and other varieties in which the mass compensates for the lack of power.

An important parameter to pay attention to is the weight of the motorcycle. Too heavy models look prestigious and solid, but require skillful handling. For beginners, motorcycles often fall with them, so the bike should weigh enough to be able to pick it up unaided.

Buying a motorcycle that is too expensive for the first time is also not worth it. On this bike you will get the necessary experience, look closely at future models. It will be difficult to protect the car from damage and breakdowns due to driving errors, so it is better to opt for an inexpensive but more reliable model. Do not forget that the first bikes usually do not stay with one owner for a long time.

Summing up

Before buying your first motorcycle, you need to decide on the type of bike, as well as the planned driving style. The selected model should suit the driver in terms of dimensions and weight, correspond to his skills and driving experience.

Opting for fast and powerful racing models is not the best option for a beginner. Classic bikes or enduros with a small engine are more suitable for this role. You can look at sports models for the future, but they are not suitable as introductory ones.

For the correct choice of technical parameters, you should seek the advice of specialists.

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