Bike posts: history of origin, what are they, where to find the coordinates

The bike post in Elista looks like an ordinary house. Except for a themed banner on a concrete fence, nothing betrays the fact that this is a haven for bikers.

There are 2 versions explaining the reasons for the appearance of bikeposts. According to the first of them, bikers about 70-80 years ago were faced with an urgent need to secure their travels and make them more comfortable. Simply put, they are tired of sleeping under the sky, getting wet in the rain and shivering from the piercing cold, and also not knowing what to do and who to turn to for help when the motorcycle breaks down. Then the bikers decided to help each other, for which purpose bike posts were organized, and motorcyclists began to exchange their coordinates. According to another version, bikers involved in criminal activities needed secluded and safe places to hide from the police. And who could be trusted more than their fellow criminals? Bike posts, as conceived by motorcyclists, became for them something like safe houses,

Currently, motorhomes are needed by bikers in 2 cases:

  1. I would like to communicate with someone, preferably with a like-minded person, while traveling around the country.

  2. There is a need to wash or at least take a shower, sleep in a soft bed. Or the bike needs serious repairs that cannot be done on its own.

It should be recognized that information about bikeposts on the route is especially necessary for beginner “nomads” who are not aware of all the difficulties encountered on a long distance, because without the support of their brothers it will not be easy for them to cope with problems.

What bikeposts can you meet along the way?

If the traveler has not prepared in advance for the road and has not collected contacts of motorhomes along the route of travel, then when driving along a busy road, he will surely meet motels, campsites or hostels located near the route. In the vast majority of cases, they will require payment for their services. And this is not surprising, since these bikeposts operate on a business model. So if you have planned a trip in the “economy” mode, then you do not need paid motorhomes. I will talk about their free counterparts below.

It is clear that in hotels for bikers for banknotes you will get a comfortable sleep in a cozy bed, a motorcycle service to correct the shaken health of your “iron horse”, a bar and other entertainment, and perhaps even enjoy a biker-style interior. For Russia, the existence of hotels designed for motorcycle enthusiasts is no longer a fantasy. For example, in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, a bike post with an interior stylized as “nomads” has been operating for several years.

Kamensk-Shakhtinsky hotel for bikers is probably the most famous bike post not only in the Rostov region, but throughout Russia
Kamensk-Shakhtinsky hotel for bikers is probably the most famous bike post not only in the Rostov region, but throughout Russia

If you want to save money or have a desire to communicate with your brother to the fullest, then the best option in this case would be to search for contacts of free bike posts and then call them in order to agree on the date and time of arrival. Most likely, the owner of the bike post will put you in his own house and offer to drive the bike into his own garage. It is possible that you will not be able to leave the next morning, because friends will come to your new acquaintance who will also be interested in talking with a like-minded person from another city. All in all, free bike posts are a great way to make friends with bikers outside of your city. Although there is one nuance that needs to be mentioned: a new acquaintance is unlikely to demand money from you for staying, however, you should not be stingy, but it’s worth offering the person who sheltered you a certain amount that you can pull as a thank you. If they don’t want to take money from you, then don’t forget to say the usual “thank you”. This way you will let the owner of the bikepost know that he is doing his job for a reason.

Where to look for coordinates of bikeposts?

The easiest and most effective way is to search for bikeposts via the Internet. The first resource I recommend looking at is the CryptoMoto app. Here are collected contacts of Russian, Uzbek, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Kazakh bike posts. Now it is the most complete base for motorhomes in the CIS. The only thing I really don’t like is that I can simultaneously develop a trip route and see if there is at least one bike post in the city where I plan to stop.

For this purpose, I use the second resource – this is the website. Its advantage over the application is precisely the presence of a scalable map with a search function. But the database on the site is not very good, there is no information even for some Russian regions, for example, for the Samara region.

Another working option that can help if searching the Internet has not been successful is getting in touch with a local biker club. The guys from there may know about bikeposts that are not in any database on the Web.

Rules of conduct at bike posts

I can’t name any very special rules when visiting motorhomes. Bikers, of course, are different from the townsfolk, but just like other people, they appreciate respectful communication, they can’t stand derogatory remarks addressed to themselves and their fellows. The nuances that should be considered before visiting or during a visit to a bike post include:

  1. Of course, there are free bikeposts, but its owner should not be taken as a person who owes visitors simply by the fact that he runs a motorhome and does not charge for it.

  2. It would be a mistake to take your help for granted. Always give thanks for it in any way you can, because people who keep a free motorhome are essentially investing their time and effort in maintaining the biker community and asking for nothing in return.

  3. Happy hours are not observed, but this does not apply to the “nomad” who set off on a journey. It is necessary to know how many hours the time at the bike post differs from the native one. There were cases when unlucky travelers stayed on the street because they did not take into account the time difference, they arrived at the bike post late at night and could not wake up the owner.


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